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Music is my life

How It All Began

The Party Mechanic

Mista Flava of Cloud 9 Sound is the Musical Choice for a number of music enthusiast. Cloud 9 Sound was established over 25 years ago, stemming from Mista Flava’s natural love for music. He is well known throughout Belize and is now one of Belize’s prominent DJ’s, Promoter and Producer.

Mista Flava grew up in a home that had a love for music. His father was an avid record collector and his uncles were Guitarist and Lead Singers in music bands in Belize. They would constantly entertain Mista Flava by playing their instruments and music for him.

Originally from Belize City, his family relocated and moved to the capital, Belmopan, when he was still a child. This is where he met his neighbor, “Kingsley”. Kinsley owned a music sound system and Mista Flava would go over and visit him every weekend just so he could see Kinsley setup and play. He would sit for hours just watching and listening. A great appreciation for sound system and an even deeper love for music and culture was developed during those weekend visits.

Mista Flava slowly began purchasing his own records and building his own personal collection of music and started off by DJing at house parties for family and friends until he eventually established his own sound system back in the CD era. He continued to enhance his skills and now entertains his fans using his laptop which houses his wide musical library.

Cloud 9 Sound, COBY Entertainment, Belize Soca and Culture are only a few of the brands that Mista Flava has gone on to develop. With his recent addition of the Fryjack Musiq label he is now producing music and has released the song entitled “Fiesta” and the Dancehall compilation “Feelin Riddim”. High quality gifts and merchandise including T-shirts, hats, blouses and more are also available with the Cloud 9 Sound brand.

We hope to see you soon at a Cloud 9 Event!